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-Dark Carousel! -Dark Carousel!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


nice stuff man. very good melody, the only thing im concerned about is there is no climax's? you shoudl really chop it up and put some climaxes in there bro cos its a bit repetitive. we both know its pretty hard lol but yeah hey dude check out my new song called scarred face im sure youll like it and its getting signed up with a label :)

AgnryFaic - Numbah 13 AgnryFaic - Numbah 13

Rated 3 / 5 stars

good ideas

i think you need to work on the bass levels because there is too much bass or something cos the song is distorting.

but good work man, hey check out my song and tell me what you think dude.

peace n/216338

agnryfaic responds:

Tsk tsk, shameless advertising:P Hmm, it isn't distorting for me, kinda strange.
Already heard your track, it's great ;) funny how you used Scarface vox and I used the Godfather.


We're gonna FUCK You Up! We're gonna FUCK You Up!

Rated 4 / 5 stars


hey man i read your previous reviews. and songs cant be perfect they are be improved by never perfected and all songs have potential. I have a hardstyle song that i hope you enjoy i do like this song but its not typical hardstyle if thats what you were goin for. check out my song man i hope you like it n/216338

Hellstick responds:

I totaly agree man! NO Songs are perfect, and that's the exact reason for my rather harsh reviews - to help people get a little closer to achieving a result they should be aiming for:P
Too bad some people think i'm attacking them as a person when i leave them reviews though...
Also: I know it ain't ordinary hardstyle:P I made this song when i listened alot to evil activities, and i guess it was ifluenced by that... I mentioned in my description that there is elements of hardcore in it (mainly the distorted bassdrum), so it would be a shame to say that this is 100% ordinary hardstyle.

Thanks for the review and the score thoug! I apriciate that and checked out you song. I might leave a review once i get the chance but dont take my word for it:)